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Documentary following australian adventurers james castrissian and justin jones in their trek to the south pole on skis. Crossing the ditch is the story of two young australians, james castrission and justin jones, a story of determination, dedication and triumph. Crossing the ditch 2010 is a documentary movie starring james castrission and justin jones. Sharks tearing at our hull, 30foot waves crashing over our kayak, and the possibility that the stern of the boat might be ripped away. Crossing the ditch is the story of two young australians, james castrission and justin jones, a st. The fundamental consideration in designing lot 41 was to design her around all the safety equipment that the boys would need to survive 2 months at sea and what safety equipment they needed to make the journey possible and within an acceptable safety margin. The line crossing ceremony is an initiation rite that commemorates a persons first crossing of the equator. His 300page account of paddling lot 41, a specially built, cabinequipped kayak, from australia to new zealand. The kila kokonut krew are celebrating 10 years of being the leaders of pacific theatre in aotearoa with the play that started it all, taro king a comedy drama written by. All eyes are on wellington, as vatsims pilots connect new zealands capital to three great australian airports.

We thumped up over the tracks and parked just beyond them, with the straight road west in front of us, and the ditch where rosemary mcclatchy had been found on our right, and the turn into main street ahead and on our left. In their tiny kayak, they battled 10 metre towering waves, massive storms, sharks and currents that conspired against them. They had kayaked 3318km, braved 10 metre swells, faced howling winds of over 50 knots, endured severe food and sleep deprivation, wasting muscles and adverse winds and currents to become the first kayak expedition across the tasman sea as well as become the longest. Ditch crossing agreement fountain mutual irrigation company.

Oct 03, 2016 premiering on sunday at the hot springs festival, crossing the line is the story of the olympic athlete danny harris, a trackandfield prodigy whose meteroric rise preceded a steep fall into drug. Worldfirst kayak expedition, 3318 km and 62 days, unsupported. The game is about an unnamed stick figure a prototype for henry stickmin trying to. A potato digger can be used in the shore ditches to pull out runners of small bramble, virginia creeper or morn ing glory which may be crossing the ditch. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books youve read. In the documentary crossing the ditch aka 62 days at sea, jones uses footage recorded during cas and jonesys crossing of the tasman sea to tell the story of their kayak journey from australia to new zealand. Crossing the ditch tv show australian tv guide 9entertainment. But the little kid inside me screamed, go on, mate, give it a go. For the next three hours they rubbed and bashed their bodies up and down against the kayak whilst the boys anxiously sat in their nscious that only 10mm of kayak hull separated their.

Four years earlier he crossed the ditch again with james castrission paddling 3318km without assistance across the tasman sea for another world first. This is a gripping and inspirational story of the triumph of the. The film centred on dresnoks history, highlighting his unhappiness in america, and particularly his desertion from the united states army in 1962 to the dprk. May 16, 2005 crossing the line is a 1hour video that charts the paths of two tasmanian medical students, amy and paul, during an 8week placement on mornington island in northwest queensland. Their epic journey of 3318 km across the tasman sea took a total of 62 days and. Investigation discovery full episodes watch now for free. Crossing the line, plank owner, and other unofficial. Skip to main content this banner text can have markup. Each must battle to stay sane and create an identity among the maze of regulations and refugee hostels. Since this interview was broadcast in 2009, the men. James castrission and justin jones became the first people to cross the tasman sea from australia to new. Crossing the line 2007 in this documentary, american pfc. For an interactive map of part 1 of the staines historic walk visit the link at.

A documentary looks at the difficult journey of trans immigrants. A well written, easy to read tale of two mates in their early twenties who travelled across the ditch the ocean separating australia and new zealand, in a purpose built canoe. Coverage of an american serviceman in the berlin air traffic control center tcc taking his family on a tour after work hours. Two mates, a kayak, and the conquest of the tasman. To get to the us, they first have to pass through mexico, an ordeal that often ends up being even more difficult than getting into the united states. Crossing the ditch a guide for australian businesses setting up in new zealand. Justins documentary and james book about that journey are both called crossing the ditch. Woody plants such as hardhack, meadow sweet and bayberry should be pulled out after harvest. In 2009 james castrission and justin jones made history when they became the first people to kayak from australia to new zealand. Aug 24, 2009 hbo documents child migrants in which way home filmmaker rebecca cammisas new documentary, which way home, follows child migrants as they leave their families behind and follow a perilous trail. Through the years, the wish to mark other seagoing milestones has given birth to certificates for all kinds of distinctions. Crossing the line, which was narrated by actor christian slater, was nominated for the grand jury prize at the festival.

In the middle of the tasman sea two sharks pay a visit to jonesy and cas on lot 41. People tend to assume that the immigrants crossing the usmexico border are all mexican. Posted on november 5, 2019 november 10, 2019 by leah livermore. Crossing chasms is a documentary about jennifer arndt, a korean adoptee, who returns to her birth country seeking answers to the complex questions surrounding her adoption. Sharks eagles whales coyotes crocodiles grizzly bears parrots penguins platypuses deer cats turtles. Justin jones and james castrission paddled for more than two months, battling huge seas, gale force winds, giant whirlpools, hunger, circling sharks and each other, wondering if they would ever see land again. Throwing a high school ditch party will end up being one hell of a mistake. A tightknit community of west virginia firefighters is horrified when they discover a add to watch later. He has also produced and directed two award winning documentaries about his expeditions and produced a one hour. The exact etymology for this term is uncertain, however when traveling between australia and new zealand, it is commonly referred to as crossing the ditch. Paye businesses intending to employ people in new zealand must register with inland revenue.

With james castrission, aleksander gamme, justin jones, stephen jones. The filing requirements differ depending on the number of people employed. When a woman discovers her adult and married son engaging in an affair with his 14yearold add to watch later. The extraordinary maturity they displayed planning the trip was awe inspiring. On january 6 2007, james castrission and justin jones will kayak over 2200km across the tasman sea, from australia to new zealand, unsupported.

Justin written and produced four awardwinning books and documentaries about their expeditions. Antarctic circle crossing of the antarctic circle 6632. Kayakers hit new zealand after 62 days at sea telegraph. The way they assessed risk could be used across many business parameters.

The crossing the line ceremony has been portrayed both in the pbs documentary series carrier, as well as being the plot point for an episode of jag in the 1990s. Traversing land and sea on an old fishing boat manned by smugglers, the nailbiting journey leads to europe where the refugees disperse. Justin jones and james castrission crossing the ditch celebrity. The festival aims to provide an atmosphere of community and inclusion for the southeast corner of queensland by showcasing the established and up and coming talents of this corner of the world, as well as featuring acts from around australia.

Staines history walk part 1 staines historical walks. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Crossing the ditch and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. How the hell should i install the argo amphibious 8x8 atv rubber tracks. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. Cas and jonesy are an australian duo known for being explorers, endurance athletes. Would love if someone knew where i could watch this. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. December is the time for all pilots to taste the southern summer and cross the ditch. Graduations, chiefs initiations, crossing the line ceremonies, and others are only meant to celebrate and recognize the achievements of individual sailors or marines or those of entire units. Thirty years after the first person rowed solo across the tasman sea in 1977, crossing the. Oct 10, 2015 the game documentary 2 album wiredmusic915.

They set off from forster, new south wales on november 2007 and arrived at ngamotu beach in new plymouth, new zealand on january 2008, taking a total of 60 days, 20 hours and 50 minutes for crossing. Crossing the ditch named best adventure film in canada. Some of these timehonored traditions that have come to light include. The documentary won the adventure and exploration category, the peoples choice award and the grand prize. Our walk starts outside what was the blue anchor public house which faces onto clarence street and is at the entrance to the old market square. James dresnok, on duty in korea in 1962, walks across the border to the north and becomes one of four western defectors.

Whether youve loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Perhaps the most wellknown is the order of the shellback, given to those sailors who have crossed the equator. It was uploaded onto newgrounds on december 16, 2007. The tradition may have originated with ceremonies when passing headlands, and become a folly sanctioned as a boost to morale, or have been created as a test for seasoned sailors to ensure their new shipmates were capable of handling long rough times at sea. For the first time on australian television, the full story of two young adventurers epic kayak voyage across the tasman sea from australia to new zealand.

The two films have now won over a dozen international film awards not bad for someone with no formal training in the film industry. Arc identifier 68514 local identifier 342usaf31891a. These feats and events form the basis upon which our core values of honor, courage and commitment were founded. These are weird navy traditions and their meanings. Neurum creek music festival is a local acoustic music camping weekend held at neurum creek bush retreat in september each year. Most of them are variations on the shellback theme. Following their successful expedition across the tasman sea by kayak. Carbar offers top quality of car subscription services what is the best dog bed for big dogs.

Kaye harrison wrote, directed and coproduced the video for abctv, which screened it earlier this year in two parts on the indigenous program message stick amy and paul come across as delightful young. Our journey across the tasman was frightening at times. Cas and jonesy catch up with 60 minutes reporter liz hayes for an indepth interview. Crossing the ditch an interview with james castrission by christopher cunningham james castrissions book crossing the ditch came out last summer and turned out to be a surprisingly good read. Aug 10, 2009 in 2009 james castrission and justin jones made history when they became the first people to kayak from australia to new zealand. Her past returns to exact revenge on jenny and anyone else who might get in the way. In the documentary crossing the ditch aka 62 days at sea, jones uses footage recorded. James castrission and justin jones kayaked the tasman sea abc.

This will greatly improve the picking operation next season. James castrission and justin jones became the first people to cross the tasman sea from australia to new zealand in a kayak. On november 2007 james, justin and lot 41 departed forster, australia. As you are visiting wikiloops, any personal data that is being processed is treated in compliance to the european general data protection regulation. In her search to define her identity, she walks through her past to understand the present. The documentary features interviews from both adventurers. Crossing over, a documentary directed by isabel castro and produced by katrina sorrentino.

The reality is that a large percentage of them come from central america, and their journey north is grueling. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. Crossing the ditch, the inspiring documentary of james castrission and justin jones epic kayak journey between australia and new zealand, has been named as a finalist for the 2010 banff mountain film festival in canada. Crossing the rubicon 43m caesars hardwon victory over gaul endears him to the roman people but leads to a military showdown with the senate and his former ally, pompey. Crossing the pit is a movie game created by puffballsunited and the game that served as a prototype for henry stickmin series. Crossing the line is a 1hour video that charts the paths of two tasmanian medical students, amy and paul, during an 8week placement on mornington island in northwest queensland. Jonesy can also add documentary producer and director to his repertoire. The tasman sea has for many years been referred to as the ditch by australians and new zealanders. James castrission 25, and justin jones, 24, paddled into history when they beached their speciallydesigned fibreglass kayak on new zealands north island after a grueling 62 days crossing. The crossing shows us the lengths to which people go to. The two films have now won over a dozen international film awards not bad for someone with no.

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