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After you fix the reactor core, adam tells you to investigate the massive damage in sector 5. Sector 2 is the first sector where samus encounters a sax. I have just gotten the morph ball bomb and i am now stuck between 2 pillars where 2 red jumping enemies used to be, i have tried bombing everywhere to no avail. Metroid fusion is a game that is, chronologically, the last metroid game. How do i get back to navigation room in sector 5 metroid fusion. Under 2 hours with 100% samus with suit off, standing up with a clear image of her. For metroid fusion on the game boy advance, a gamefaqs message board topic titled i have successfully trapped myself. Once we have the transmission, you can download it, but.

Its right after the bomb data download and the sax nukes your escape route fairly early in the game. Before samus can download the new super missile data in sector 3, she must first active level 2 hatches via the. Old metroid fusion debug menu tas hackcheat cheats 20 game cheat codes download. Exit left, go up the elevator, then go down the elevator to sector 4. If walkthrough is usable dont forgot thumbs up man in black and share this with your freinds. The speed booster supido busuta is a powerup that first appears in super metroid in norfair right after samus defeats kraid and obtains the varia suit. Heres a walkthrough of me going through metroid fusion for game boy advance. Once she recovers, samus, clad in the fusion suit, is given a new ship with a builtin computer through which she. Metroid fusion faqwalkthrough neoseeker walkthroughs. Metroid fusion is an actionadventure game video game published by nintendo for the game boy advance handheld game console in 2002. Metroid fusion is notorious for the eyedoors, as they are a major pain in the neck. If anybody is stuck on sector 4 metroid fusion please go to the first area after dropping down the speed strip after getting the gravity suit then start running right on the lowest level then. To get there, take the main elevator to the access shaft and use elevator 1. Power bomb locations powerup locations metroid fusion.

Fusion blind walkthrough part 1 sector 1srx youtube. After the restricted laboratory is destroyed, adam orders you to return to your ship and leave the station. Restricted secrets what were the scientists trying to hide here. And most important we have 10 other walkthroughs for metroid fusion, read them all. In the sector 5 navigation room, adam tells you to find and kill the nightmare. And with good missile management in early game, i dont lose time from having 5 fewer missiles before reaching sector 6. I have just gotten the morph ball bomb and i am now stuck between 2 pillars where 2 red jumping enemies used to be, i have tried.

Metroid fusion cheats for game boy advance gamespot. Other m walkthrough will provide tips for intense bosses, solutions to puzzles, and locations of. Power bombs makes finding them easy, just sometimes getting to them isnt as obvious. It is an aquatic environment that houses marine creatures, the most notable of which is serris after samus unlocked the security level 1 doors, the x invaded the sector and infected many creatures inhabiting it including serris. Samus, even before the disappearance of the crew, this sector was sealed off from all entry and exit. Other m walkthrough will provide tips for intense bosses, solutions to. Pick up each track separately below, or download the whole lot in one. Its time to get stuck as we have entered sector aqa via a tunnel from the tropical area, soon. Upon returning to the navigation room the sc will be surprised that you tracked down the diffusion missile, and will be quite put out that you unlocked level 4 security doors without its approval, but heck, we wouldve been stuck if theyd remained locked. I am not sure if this is the right sub to post this, but i need help guys. Sep 04, 2010 metroid fusion sector 1 srx sr388 return area minako hamano sector 1 srx sr388 return area a rather selfexplanatory and boring title indeed plays in both the opening story sequence as well as the first level of the game, a recreation of the sr388 ecosystem on a biological research station called bsl. I am going for 100% pickups, as well as trying to beat it. Metroid fusion sector 2 red locks, bomb data, zazabi x jumping.

Power bombs unleash a massive explosion once detonated, clearing the screen of enemies caught in the blast radius. Jun 06, 2010 here is the remix of the sector 1 in metroid fusion by metroid metal. Walkthrough walkthrough walkthrough for metroid fusion game. Im going to try a speed run in fusion, but i need to play through it again to reaquaint myself with it, and im stuck likeaduck in the tro catacombs. Metroid submitted 2 years ago by blueskar just got the morph ball bombs and went into the blue room where there are 2 red enemies, the walls are too high to jump out of. As of writing this, there is no other metroid game that takes place after fusion, but there very well may be. For metroid fusion on the game boy advance, a gamefaqs message board topic titled help stuck in sector 2. It also appears in metroid fusion when samus defeats serris in sector 4 and in metroid. Metroid fusion sector aqas confusing corridors, red locks, diffusion missiles episode 9.

This walkthrough for metroid fusion game boy advance has been posted at 07 jul 2010 by man in black and is called walkthrough. Its been a while since your last hearttoheart with the computer, and apparently the trusty machine has been. She easily destroys it, though the leftover xparasite flies into samus. Go to the right, through the save and recharge rooms. Sector 2 tro has a humid climate and a jungle environment, housing various creatures. Theres also one missile tank in sector 1 that i just dont know how to get to, even with pbs. Launched the metroid fusion section of metroid 2002 with sesshoumarus 1 % run focusing on showmanship from metroid hq, as well as several sequence breaking videos. But one quick glance at the map tells you that this task is still. At the start of metroid fusion, whilst samus is on a mission by the galactic federation to escort researchers upon the planet sr388, she encounters an xinfected hornoad. Theres quite a number to be found in the game 32 in total each one gives you an extra 2 bombs, so using them often will give you a higher chance of survival in enemyinfested areas.

Go up and through the top left door, recharge in the recharge room, save in the save room, and uplink in the navigation room to get your briefing from adam. This is the first station that samus enters when she arrives aboard the station. Given that its just retiled rooms, i enjoyed seeing the changes in some sectors, while irked by some others. According to reports, there was a series of unexplained disappearances and fatalities in this area, so the crew took everything useful out of the sector, and sealed it off to prevent whatever was in it from getting out. This area connects the other main sectors via main elevators. This missile tank saves one second over getting the third main deck missile tank at the start of the game, after arachnus. May, 2011 hello guys my first post and i have a problem i dont know if this is the good sector to ask this if im wrong plz tell me now back to my problem so i was being lazy. I am very fresh off super metroid, and that means i am still struggling with the. She felt no immediate effects, and completed her mission.

Here is the remix of the sector 1 in metroid fusion by metroid metal. Play play metroid fusion online no download free games online. All maps have either been submitted voluntarily or used with expressed permission of the author. Metroid fusion sector aqas confusing corridors, red. Metroid metroid ii return of samus super metroid metroid fusion metroid zero mission metroid other m maps by falcon zero metroid samus returns am2r metroid prime maps by falcon zero metroid prime hunters maps by falcon zero metroid. Releasing the lock on the level 1 hatches allowed the sax to enter sector 4 aqa with several thousand x. Sector 1 srx after riding the elevator up from where the restricted laboratory was, space jump to the top left corner of this area, then stand on the top of the pillar and shoot a charged diffusion missile at the wall. I used the speed booster and ended up in the water sector. When you arrive in the next room, jump to avoid the projectile that the zeela shoots in your direction.

Sector 2 tro is the tropical sector of the biologic space laboratories research station in metroid fusion. Join samus aran on an exciting interquel concluding her exploits against mother brain. I went into the bottom section of sector 2 that wasnt mapped, and im stuck in the bottom right corner, in the area with the missile tank and save room. Metroid fusion gba game game boy advance metroid fusion gba. Sector 1 srx shows several abnormalities on biosensors. Metroid fusion sector 1 srx sr388 return area minako. Stuck in sector 4 after nightmare metroid fusion forum. In sector 1, after learning that the main elevator has been damaged by an unknown source, and x have been. The next room to your right is a navigation room, so get ready for a lecture from your everangry computer. This security room isnt marked on your map so lets go find it.

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