Fcc part 15 standard pdf

Any digital device that operates at 9 khz or higher is regulated by the federal communications commission fcc under its part 15 regulations. Amendment of part 15 of the commissions rules for unlicensed white space devices document types. Amendment of part 15 rules for unlicensed white spaces devices. Legacy versions of fcc part 15 regulations for reference only. The compliance test of this report was conducted in accordance with the appropriate standards. The official rules are published and maintained by the government printing office gpo in the federal register. Computers which use a standard tv receiver as a display device or meet all of the. Intertek will guide you through each step of the fcc part 15 testing process, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently meet current fcc regulations. Part 15 transmitters use very little power, most of them less than a milliwatt. Fcc fact sheet updating the equipment authorization. Fcc part 15 enforcement letters inside fcc part 15 and canadas corresponding standards the fcc s part15 rules and regulation and 802.

They are nonlicensed because their operators are not required to obtain a license from the fcc to use them. Fcc part 15 covers as well the technical specifications, administrative requirements. The fcc s rules and regulations are located in title 47 of the code of federal regulations cfr. Please use the links above to access the most uptodate references fcc part 15. Information on experimental licenses may be obtained from the contact point listed in the additional information section of this bulletin. Fcc part 15 covers the regulations under which an intentional, unintentional, or incidental radiator that can be operated without an individual license. Part 15 intentional radiators sanders rf consulting. The older references here are presented for historic background only and have been superseded by the current version of the part 15 regulations. Additional information about the federal register is available at the national archives and records administration web site.

June 22, 2017 fcc fact sheet updating the equipment authorization program first report and order et docket 15 170 background. The commissions equipment authorization ea program ensures that radiofrequency rf devices, everything from smartphones and tablets to cellular base stations to car door openers and antitheft tags. Homebuilt transmitters, like all part 15 transmitters, are not allowed to cause interference to licensed radio communications. Fcc part 15 regulations below are technical documents and web references that cover a range of legal and regulatory topics including part 15 rules and regulations, fcc enforcement actions and regulation statements from various transmitter manufacturers. Code of federal regulations, title 47, part 15 47 cfr 15 is an oftquoted part of federal. The remaining test sections are the verbatum text from the actual data. It is possible that recent changes to these rules may not have been published in the federal register and may not yet be effective. Its not intention to assure the quality and performance of the. Fcc authorization is not required in ord er to test a transmitter for compliance with the part 15 technical standards.

The federal code of regulation cfr fcc part 15 is a common testing standard for most electronic equipment. However, changes to the rules do not become effective until at least 30 days after they are published in the federal register. This device is verified to comply with part 15 of the fcc rules for use. The following part 15 regulations contain all updates and changes adopted and released by the commission as of september 19, 2005. The commission take steps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the fixed white space device data recorded in the white space databases and assure that the potential for these devices to cause interference to. The fccs rules and regulations are located in title 47 of the code of federal regulations cfr.

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